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M3 Sonar

All documents, unless otherwise specified, are in English, PDF format, page size US Letter. PDF A4 and PDF US reflect the physical page size of the document, A4 or US Letter.

Other formats are available as indicated in the list. The EPUB format is provided for portable devices, and will require a dedicated add-on in your browser. The CHM and EPUB formats must be downloaded to a local hard drive before you can open them.

Internet Explorer and Edge may cause problems with these pages. We suggest that you use Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Quick Start Guides

M3 Sonar Quick Start Guide

M3 Sonar Image Mosaic Quick Start Guide

Reference Manual

M3 Sonar Reference Manual         

Installation Manual

M3 Sonar Installation Manual         

Maintenance Manual

M3 Sonar Maintenance Manual         

Instruction Manuals

M3 Sonar API Instruction Manual         

M3 Sonar - Interfacing with SAMM Instruction Manual

Technical Notes - Data Formats

M3 Sonar IMB Beamformed Data Format

M3 Sonar Profiling Data Format

M3 Sonar .ALL Data Format


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