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M3 Sonar Portable Hydrographic System (PHS)

All documents, unless otherwise specified, are in English, PDF format, page size US Letter. PDF A4 and PDF US reflect the physical page size of the document, A4 or US Letter.

Other formats are available as indicated in the list. The CHM format must be downloaded to a local hard drive before you can open it.

Installation Manual

M3 Sonar PHS Installation Manual         

Operator Manual

M3 Sonar PHS Operator Manual         

M3 Sonar Interface Unit Technical Information

Spec Sheet 

Product Information 

Power Wiring Drawing 

Outline and Installation Drawing 

Deck Cable Pinout Drawing 

MRU Cable Pinout Drawing 

Sonar Head Cable Pinout Drawing 

Survey Serial Cable Wiring Drawing 

Sound Speed Sensor Cable Pinout Drawing 


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