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MS1000 System

All documents are in English, PDF format, page size US Letter.

For more documentation on compatible sonar heads that can be used in an MS1000 System, go to the Domed Sonar or High Resolution Sonar spec sheets and drawings pages.

Quick Start Guides

MS1000 Quick Start Guide

MS1000 Tripod Deployment Quick Start Guide

MS1000 ROV Deployment Quick Start Guide

MS1000 SAR Express Quick Start Guide

Operator Manuals

MS1000 Software Operator Manual

MS1000 Gas Leak Detection Operator Manual

MS1000 Trencher Monitoring Operator Manual

MS1000 Stinger Monitoring Operator Manual

MS1000 Remote Keypad Operator Manual

Installation Manual

MS1000 Pole Mount Deployment Installation Manual

Technical Information

901-10320000 - MS1000 2U Standard Processor     

901-10340000 - MS1000 2U Sonar Processor SMD     

901-60160000 - MS1000 USB Interface Unit         

901-60240000 - MS1000 Splashproof USB Interface Unit             

901-60270000 - MS1000 USB Rotator Interface Unit         

901-60310000 - MS1000 Splashproof LV USB Interface Unit         


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